Reports and deliverables of INDAIRPOLLNET 

All the reports, resources and deliverables of INDAIRPOLLNET have been collected on one site, including recommendations on what to measure indoors when looking into different research questions. 

Articles and blogs

News on the WG1&2 progress meeting on the website of ELTE (in Hungarian):
Az INDAIRPOLLNET tanácskozása a TTK-n

Article about air pollution on the (in spanish):
La polución de los diésel salta a la escuela

Article about INDAIRPOLLNET on COST website:
Understanding the risks of indoor air pollutants

Scientific Publications

Editorial based on the work of WG1 published in Indoor Air:

The past, present, and future of indoor air chemistry

Other material

Instruction on how to reduce the potential spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus through aerosol transmission

Guide for ventilation towards healthy classrooms

The Indoor Scenario Simulator for COVID-19 (a free tool to estimate viral load indoors + user quide)

Guide for ventilation of indoor environments (other than schools)




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