How should we measure the key species identified in WG3?

Viktor Mihucz

Institute of Chemistry

Key objective:

To identify the best techniques to measure the species identified in WG3.
In order to achieve this objective, the following tasks will be carried out through meetings in year 3. The results will be presented at the fourth workshop in month 36:
1. Identify whether experimental techniques exist at present to measure the species identified in WG3 and split them into three classes:
a) Those that can be measured already or with relatively minor modifications
b) Those that need significant modifications (e.g. miniaturisation) or improvements (e.g. the sensitivity of existing sensors) to existing instrumentation
c) Those for which no technique exists at present either indoors or outdoors
2. For 1a, explore whether any complementary activities may be possible within the network over the remaining lifetime of the project.
3. For 1b, identify what modifications are required.
4. For 1c, make recommendations for future developments, e.g. complementary instruments and techniques for use indoors and outdoors.
5. Provide recommendations for WG6.

Milestones and Deliverables:

Month 24: Start-up meeting at third workshop
Month 30: Progress meeting
Month 36: Recommendations for WG6 on how/if key species can be measured indoors (D8).
Month 36: ECI Training School 2 (D9)




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