Blueprint for an indoor air chemical characterisation campaign

Peter Wiesen

Bergische Universität Wuppertal

Key objective:

To identify the best buildings in which to measure indoors.
In order to achieve this objective, the following tasks will be achieved through a final workshop to be held in month 42, with recommendations collated for submission for publication(s) by month 48.
1. Review the information from WGs1-5.
2. Make recommendations for optimal design of an indoor air chemical characterisation campaign taking into account what, how and where measurements should be made.
3. Identify a strategy to investigate the efficacy of potential mitigation measures.
4. To identify means to fund the campaign and to continue to cooperate after the Action ends.

Milestones and Deliverables:

Month 36: Start-up meeting at Workshop 4
Month 42: Final workshop (number 5)
Month 42: Blueprint for indoor air chemistry measurement campaign (D13)
Month 42: ECI Forum 2: workshop ‘Future indoor air chemistry’ (D14)
Month 48: Publication(s) submitted (e.g. to Indoor Air) defining optimal Indoor Air Chemistry Measurement Campaign (D15); strategy for determining efficacy of mitigation measures (D16)




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