Early Career Investigators (ECIs)

One of the aims of our Action is to train a new generation of Early Career Investigators (ECIs). ECIs are investigators with less than 8-years of experience since their PhD. We have specific scientific training activities and specific roles for them to carry out at the main meeting each year (before or after the annual workshop).

Early Career Investigator 101

Training schools

A training school will be held in months 12 and 36. Potential topics include: an introduction to indoor air quality (IAQ); instrumentation and models for IAQ; standards for IAQ; auditing IAQ. Forum meetings in months 24 and 42 will be based around the workshop theme. In month 24, the theme will be ‘Future Indoor Air Measurements’ and in month 42, the theme will be ‘Future Indoor Air Chemistry’.
ECIs will present their work and chair sessions at these events, whilst more experienced members of the network will run workshops/make presentations. The ECIs will help to organise the forum activities and will train and develop at the forefront of IAQ research to become future leaders in the field.

Early Career Investigators (ECIs) of INDAIRPOLLNET

The ECIs in this Action are led by Emer Duffy, with help from Benjamin Jones.




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