Grants for Short Term Scientific Missions

Short Term Scientific Missions (STSMs) are institutional visits aimed at supporting individual mobility and fostering collaboration between individuals. These missions contribute to the scientific objectives of COST Action CA17136. They are particularly intended for young scientists. A STSM between different Actions may be considered by the Management Committees of both Actions. STSM activities of INDAIRPOLLNET are coordinated by Dr. Sascha Nehr.

Open and upcoming calls

Third call for Grant Period 2: 31 January 2020

Past calls

Second call for Grant Period 2: Deadline 30.9.2019

First call for Grant Period 2: Deadline 31.5.2019

First call for Grant Period 1: Deadline 11.1.2019

Awarded grants

Tiago Faria
Analysis of selected non-volatile and semi-volatile organic pollutants in the indoor environment.

Renata Kovacevic
Chemical analysis of organic/elemental carbon an ionic species from particulate matter

Andreea Turcanu
Synthesis and characterization of nanostructured materials for detection and removal of VOCs from indoor environment

Aleksandar Petrovski
Investigation of buidling design aspects influencing indoor air pollution, 24.3-19.4.2019

Silvia Vilcekova
Monitoring and analysis of indoor air pollutants, 3.-22.3.2019

Ludmila Meciarova
Monitoring and analysis of indoor air pollutants, 3.-22.3.2019

Gerald Leindecker
“Considering the surface of materials (wood, concrete, brick) in context
of quantification of fluxes of VOCs in relation to indoor air quality, 12.-24.4.2019”

Kati Huttunen
Imaging exposure of lung tissue to indoor air particulate matter, 3.-13.4.2019

Emer Duffy
Investigating occupant related emissions, 8.-12.4.2019

Pawel Misztal
Pilot study on human sources of volatile organic compounds, 26.-30.4.2019




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