Upcoming events

Training School 25.9.2019, Porto, Portugal

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ECI Training school takes place on Wednesday 25th September from 09:00-15:00. The training school is organized just ahead of the annual meeting in Porto, and it is aimed to early career investigators (less than eight years of experience since their PhD). We will be asking for applications soon.

2nd Annual Meeting 26.-27.9.2019, Porto, Portugal

Annual meeting of INDAIRPOLLNET includes the meeting of Management Committee (Wednesday 25th September 15:00-17:00 and workshop (Thursday 26th September 9:00- 13:00 Friday 27th September).

We will invite the 2 MC members for each country and the core group in the first instance. If MC members decline their invites, we will invite the MC subs from that country until we have a maximum of 2 per country. If we still have spaces after this (we have 80 spaces in total), we will open them up to anyone else, but give priority to those who have been contributing most to the Action activities. More information on the meeting coming soon.

Past events

Progress Meeting for WG1 and WG2 21.-22.3.2019, Budapest, Hungary

Start-up Meeting 13.-14.12.2018, York, United Kingdom

1st Management Committee Meeting 6.-7.9.2018, Brussels, Belgium




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